Can I Charge My E-Bike While Camping?

Can I charge my ebike battery using a portable power station?

A portable power station is a bank of energy from which you can charge your battery. You can take it with you on your trip. However, for the power station to charge your ebike’s battery, it has to hold more power than your battery requires. Grab a pencil and follow the steps below to figure out which portable power station is suitable for your ebike battery.

An Ebike BC battery pack

Can I charge my ebike battery using a solar panel or car battery inverter?

You can use an inverter to convert the energy from your car battery into the right voltage for your electric bike battery. You want to be careful here, as having a flat car battery is a world more trouble than a dead e-bike. An alternator tester will cut the charger off when the car’s battery gets too low. An energy monitor will show you how much power is being sent from the car to the e-bike battery.

Does your campground have power outlets?

If you’re going on an organized trip rather than winging it, you probably know exactly where you’ll be bedding down for the night. Established campsites will usually have information online as to the services they offer, including power outlets and the reliability of those outlets. If you can plug in to the grid when you go to bed and the output isn’t too limited, you’ll wake up to a fully charged battery.

Will there be places to plug in?

The easiest way to charge your e-bike battery is to bring a charger and plug in to a wall outlet. So, before you leave on your trip, take some time to research the territory you’re exploring. You may get lucky and find a charging station along your route, although in Canada there aren’t as many as we might like outside the city, despite e-bike popularity. You’re more likely to rely on pubs, coffee shops, bars, stores, restaurants and even campgrounds along the way.

Riding your e-bike off-grid

Off-grid is a term that these days makes us think of not having WIFI or phone signal. What off-grid actually means is having no access to the power grid. If you’re heading off-grid for several days hunting in true wilderness, having one or more spare batteries fully charged is your main option. If the area is protected, make sure you’re allowed to ride there.

People riding ebikes in the woods

Using a generator

If you have a generator with a high power output, you’ll of course have no problem charging your e-bike, as long as you’ve factored in how much power you’ll be needing for everything the generator runs. It’s always best to have a safety buffer — at least 20% more power than you think you’ll need, to avoid getting into trouble.



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