ENVO D35 vs Rad Power RadCity 4

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3 min readJul 24, 2020
ENVO D35 vs Rad Power RadCity 4

Investing in a new electric bike is a tough decision. There’s so much choice just within Canada and so many factors to consider before pulling the trigger on the exact bike you’re looking for. There’s also been a surge in ebike popularity, which will lead to even more innovations and options going forward.

If you’ve narrowed down your options by choosing to buy an electric bike over a kit, you then have to look into different manufacturers. We’re going to compare two of the latest electric bikes on the market, the ENVO D35 2021 and the Radpower RadCity 4.

The RadCity is designed for commuting, so is suitable for first-time e-bike buyers who plan to ride to work. The $1,999 makes this one a popular choice for affordability. However, as first-time riders become experienced, they will have to spend more to upgrade to a higher-performance e-bike.

The ENVO is more of an all-rounder, designed with Canadian riders in mind. It’s also great for a first timer, but has the versatility to perform on trails for more experienced cyclists. The designers considered varied terrains and weather conditions, so the ENVO D35 can hold up to British Columbia’s steep hills, frosty rides home in Alberta, the Maritimes’ piercing wind and Ontario’s lengthy commutes. The LG Li-Ion cells are capable of running in -20c conditions with minimal loss of performance. This versatility is reflected in a slightly higher price tag of $2,479.

ENVO D35 on a dock

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The ENVO also has a more efficient motor system for a 33% more torque and a higher performance from a lower-capacity battery. It is 7kg lighter, which on a bike makes a lot of difference for manoeuverability. The RadCity has had to add 7kg of weight in a higher capacity battery to achieve the same speed as the D35.

All of the D35’s components are modular for easy maintenance and replacement. The sophisticated computer system also gives you access to lots of settings and self-diagnostics tools.

Something that cannot be experienced through writing is the controller response on the pedal assist and throttle, the stopping power in the hydraulic brakes, the sound and smoothness, as well as the ergonomic and aesthetic design aspects which make the ENVO a sleek 2021 design.

See Bike Radar’s breakdown of different bike types here. With our mix of e-bike friendly cities and endlessly explorable wilderness here in Canada, e-bikes are becoming more and more popular and it’s important to make an informed decision.

Radpower describes the RadCity range as the commuter’s dream and we can see why. It’s built for comfort on long rides and flatter terrain and with consideration to common road hazards like punctures.

The ENVO is more versatile, with additional suspension and tires designed for a varied terrain. In power and performance, the D35 is a standout. At 7kg lighter (think the weight of a tank of propane) you can feel the difference in torque and smoothness of ride between the two e-bikes. It’s suitable for beginners and won’t need to be upgraded in a hurry due to high-grade specifications designed to satisfy even the most experienced riders.

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