Introducing the ENVO Step Thru 2020

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3 min readJul 6, 2020

EBikeBC is immensely proud of the ENVO Step Thru 2020, our latest major release. Professionally designed and carefully engineered in Canada, ENVO Step Thru 2020 is the second generation of ENVO e-bikes designed by ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS, to address the need for easier hop-on-hop-off experience, for those requiring a lower bar to step through a bike.

These bikes are purpose built for British Columbia’s steep hills, Alberta’s freezing temperatures, the Maritimes’ chilly wind, and Ontario’s long commutes.

ENVO electric bikes are the top street legal e-bikes for all Canadian and US territories, with flexibility to modify the operational parameter settings in case regulations are changed.

As e-bike sales continue to rise in the wake of COVID-19, we are glad to help meet a rising need across Canada and provide a variety for those who require a step through bike.

Who Would Suit the ENVO Step Thru Electric Bike?

While step through style bikes have typically been geared towards women, times have changed. The ENVO Step Thru 2020 is a unisex bike, with the colour and design having neither a masculine nor feminine leaning, although it comes in a variety of colours to suit different tastes. The step through design is sometimes favoured by people with shorter legs who don’t want to have to mount the bike over a waist high bar.

The delivery industry has been blowing up in Canada over the past few months, with Amazon, Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and Doordash all hiring to meet demand. Anyone who works in the delivery industry could definitely benefit from this design. The lack of a cross bar means that someone carrying a heavy delivery bag full of food can dismount and remount the e-bike quickly and easily. You don’t want to be cocking your leg over a high cross bar several times in a night when you have someone’s eagerly awaited dinner balanced on your back.

As e-bikes and other electric vehicles offer mobility to people whose health makes regular pedal bikes difficult to ride, the Step Thru also fulfils this role. The design means if you would ordinarily have trouble mounting a regular bike, you can now hop on and off with ease and enjoy all of the health benefits from riding an e-bike. We’re very proud whenever an infirm or recovering customer discovers they can still enjoy riding by choosing an alternative design. Step through bikes continue to rise in popularity among older riders.

If you like to wear baggy shorts, a skirt, or dress, the design can stop you revealing too much when you get on or off the bicycle.

While these are all practical reasons, lots of people simply prefer the more elegant design of the Step Thru over a more angular e-bike frame. Also, for anyone attempting to avoid public transport right now, this is a perfect introductory e-bike capped at 500w.

envo step thru electric bike in white

What’s Different About the ENVO Step Thru 2020?

This is one of the best electric bikes under 500w. Step through bikes are usually heavier than their traditional counterparts. With ENVO, this isn’t the case. The Step Thru 2020 is 22kg, the same weight as our bestselling ENVO D35 2020 in the traditional design and 25% lighter than similar bikes.

ENVO 2019 was a hit with customers and the ENVO 2020 range including the Step Thru features the following upgrades:

  • 50–100km range from a single charge
  • Wheels come in small (16”) and large (19”) for 5’ft and up, a rare feature
  • Wider, more comfortable seat
  • Easily adjustable handlebar step, no tools required
  • A max speed of 32km/h in compliance with local regulations
  • Suitable for people up to 150kg
  • A new stronger adjustable Suntour fork
  • Upgraded Tektro hydraulic e-cut off brakes with 180mm rotor
  • More powerful battery for a further 25% more range
  • Full colour display monitor with self-diagnostics tool
  • 2 colour options.
  • Peak power of 500W and 60Nm torque
  • More frame size options
  • Added taillight and a brighter headlight

The new ENVO Step Thru 2020 will not only be released by EBikeBC, but will also be available in dealerships across Canada. Pre-order today to receive a 10% discount and free shipping! Click here for your promotion code.



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