Why You Should Choose An Ebike Over Public Transit

Adam Media
2 min readMay 11, 2020

Millions of people across the world rely on public transportation to get them from one point to another. Unfortunately for commuters, it also happens to be a breeding ground for many types of diseases including COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. In fact, when it comes to COVID-19 a SkyTrain, Bus, or Railway can be more dangerous than a crowded supermarket or an office.

According to health officers, people should try to stay home or the very least about six feet from a sick person to minimize the risk of catching the coronavirus. Generally speaking, close contact with people in crowded spaces like transit makes a person more susceptible to transmission of disease.

Because public transit can put you at a risk of contracting diseases, we recommend travelling by an electric bike. It is a fast and efficient way to get you where you need to go. In addition, with the weather improving, there is no better time at making an e-bike your primary mode of transportation.

With an electric bicycle, it’s easy to keep the recommended six feet for social distancing and there is no risk of infection as long as you store it in a clean, safe place and wipe it down before and after each use.

It may seem daunting to travel long distances with an e-bike, but with a motor and pedal assist, it really is a breeze and during a time when many of us are having a difficult time exercising, it may be the perfect solution to do all your necessary grocery shopping.

It’s also a breeze getting to work on those days where you’re feeling sluggish or home after a long grind. Standing on a bus isn’t going to add anything to your day, but riding in on an e-bike starts your day off by getting you moving and alert. Even though e-bikes are pedal assisted, they’re great for your health.

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